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May 19, 2016

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Academic Training

Corporate Training



Academic Training:

This is an important area to be focused. One has to admit that Training & Developing is an art that was taken from westerners in the early 80s. Though we have a long tradition of learning, it was not structured, as the westerners have done it. The most important point to be noted is no western countries offer specified academic training or employability skills training from an external training company. They have a provision for that within their academic curriculum. Athenus Training & Consulting would be one such body providing the essentials to make a student a professional. The programs designed by Athenus Training & Consultants are called as Awareness programs, as it not only makes students ready for the service industry but also as professionals who can take the country forward with their economic prosperity.

Corporate Training:

We consider this sector as the backbone of Indian economy now. Intense research has been made on the training services to this sector and Athenus has come up with a good customization of workshops that concentrates on improving the core competency of the companies. It’s not just a day or two workshop but workshops that make sure that learning is being converted into desired organizational goal. Our research has helped us to categorize the organizational structure into 5 layers.


Learning and development alone can guarantee the sustained growth for any company. Now the question is to ask why an external agency would, which is not relevant to the company undertake this very important process which decides the growth of the company.  For any company to survive and grow, two things are essential. One a visionary approach which addresses the issues such as where the company needs to be in 10 to 15 years, what are the new strategies to be carved to bring out new products and services, how the company should react to the competition in the market in say 5 years, how to carve new strategies to explore new markets and avenues. Second is taking care of daily day to day operations which bring revenue to the company. The issues such as emphasizing the learning to employees, how those learning are made as practices? How the practices are improved regularly to improve the excellence and productivity of the company are the examples of the second case. Practically a company can never concentrate on both the issues which are essential in their own way. So this is where the consulting companies’ roles start in companies. They form a trustworthy ally and make sure the daily operations happen without any hindrances and learning is being imbibed to the employees to improve the productivity of the company. The consultants, who take the growth of the companies as their responsibility, can create wonders.