Aquiring Knowledge

There is one old story in Buddhism about knowledge. A man is supposed to cross a river which has no bridge. The man is so determined to cross the river as he has to embark an important journey. He saw a big piece of log lying on ground. He went in search of some sharp stones and materials and found those after some intense searching. He started to make a boat out of the log with the tools he had got after immense searching. He managed to manufacture a boat out of that log and happily crossed the river using that boat. After reaching the shore, the man gets off from the boat and starts his journey. A voice told the man to stop and asked him to remember all the hardships he had taken to make a log into boat. It questioned him, how can he after putting all those hard works can leave the boat there and go. Instead it said the man to carry the boat on his shoulders and go where he can use this boat in some other place, where he needs. The man smiled to himself and took off his way without carrying anything. […]