WHY is WHY important?

It is a great week as I am in Chennai, the 35th book fair started here. Over 300 stalls and tons and tons of books which attracted huge number of people (I knew people visited from Kanchipuram, chengalpattu and even from Bangalore) to be a part of this reading carnival. It was good to see lot of youngsters buzzing around the stalls looking for their favorite title or the author. I wonder what would be their options, choices, interests.  What are the jonours they would prefer? I know it is not fair to ask about a person’s interests or to comment on it, it is always curious to know what it is. This book fair also special as some of my friend’s book came from some renowned publications. I have a very peculiar question and ask this to anyone who buy books. I am actually trying to figure out one of the most important thing which helps you shape your personality. I am trying to find out the back-end process of that thing which defines you. The topic I am speaking here is PURPOSE. […]

Ethnography – Approach towards books and learning

Before few years, while I was new to Chennai that was the first coffee shop I have ever visited. I fell in love with that place instantly and then I made it a habit of meeting my friends at that place. When I turned into a self employed person, whenever I was given a chance to finalize the place of meeting by my vendors, clients, co-workers; I always choose this coffee shop. Thanks to social media websites, I got a chance to meet some youngsters who are very energetic and enthusiasm and they dream big. Once as we were working through a business plan for these people, the topic of reading books came up. The conversation eventually circled about the self help books and the effect of self help books on our lives. I have an opinion that these books cannot bring you any positive results whoever may the author, however may be the concept.  As I was from a small town in Deep South Tamil nadu, I always had the complex of inferior self due to the lack of English language practice.  I have tried from Koffmayor to Robin Sharma. Nobody could possibly help me navigate my problem. Then I came across a famous English Phrase HELP YOURSLF. That one liner changed my view of help and helplessness. […]