Personality profiling for Man power agencies

May 20, 2016

B2B Business:

The only way to grow consistently in B2B Business is to be better than the best – SETH GODIN

It is not surprising to hear the word sustainable and consistent when we are in a B2B area. We will be in business as long as others are doing business. But this opens up to a new challenge of having a very fragmented market. That is you have more players in a constrained market. We can take the example of Manpower consulting agencies. There are approximately 275 to 200 registered manpower agencies in Chennai. The numbers don’t fit in the equation of success and sustaining revenue generation. Then we have the ardent innovations in technology, which gave birth to the websites like,, and It might go up as years go by, refining the ability to fine search and to meet the client’s need to the pinnacle.

In these times, the above words said by Godin come as a revelation and if a company strives to achieve that, it has a better possibility of sustaining its growth in the business.  So let us see what are all the essential action plans that a manpower company can have to be great service providers for corporate? The first and foremost is to understand the need of the client. Then to search for the suitable candidate who can execute the desired plan of the organization.

The first part is done reasonably well by all the companies but the delivery which is the second part is what differentiates great companies from good companies who provide their service.

How to better the best?

So is it enough to improve and achieve a level of perfect delivery and remain the best in the industry? Now Seth Godin says” you have to be better than the best to have a sustainable growth”, especially in B2B industry. How can one be better than the best?

A successful B2B marketer Dave Jung shows us how. He has a very interesting piece of wisdom which might transform the B2B business to the whole new level. He says

While an awareness of the customer’s use of your service is important, repeating what they already know (what a codes on a can look like) obscures the real information they want. And that’s what B2B marketing thrives on … information.”

So the quality and the quantity of the information a service provider can provide to a client can actually make him better than the best. This critical thinking can actually formulate a whole new action plan to execute the business strategies in B2B business models. This is how you change the game while you play it.

So what kind of information can be given to the client, in the manpower consulting business so that we can have a clear edge over the competition? It is evident that we have to beat the online competitions too. So for this purpose, you need to adapt to the process of Psychology Profiling of candidates. In this process, we have a chance to explore the emotional quotient of the candidate and give a report of him to the clients. That report stands as a testimony that we are committed to THEIR business as much as they are.

Psychology Profiling

It is a process that uses language or images as a tool to explore one’s consciousness. This may reveal the basic emotions of a human which drives him. There are many tools that are used to psychological profiling. Tools like MBTI, DISC are very popular in corporate arenas and it is being regularly suggested and used by them. But to be better than the best you also need a profiling system that is better than the existing best. You need a tool which is going to give you information to share with clients which cannot be done by your competitors. This is where the tool ENNEAGRAM Kicks in.


Enneagram symbol

How is enneagram different? What is the edge it holds compared to other existing tools of a profiling system?

If you are aware of Johari window of Personality identification you may be aware of the terms “Blindspot” and “unknown”

Johari window

All other tools in psychology profiling at their best can dive into Blind spot, I.E. the person may have an area where others know his/her plus points or the minuses of the person but they themselves are not aware of that. This is the best they can do. As all of them uses these tools, they can only give information known to many, not just the candidate about the candidate to the client.

The ENNEAGRAM is one tool which can dive deep into the dark corners of the mind and through the language it extracts information from the area called “Unknown” in the Johari window. This gives an edge to give new information of the candidate to the client which cannot be provided by any other competitors. This mechanism helps you to understand the candidate’s emotional base which drives him to perform in a workplace.

This tool having this uniqueness can be the best weapon in your arsenal to take on the competition that is ever growing on daily basis. We can be sure of our positioning by the usage and the result of this tool.


The Takeaway:

You can prove indirectly to the client that you are serious about solving THEIR problem and gain the good will. The charges can be passed on to the client as well as the nominal fees of carrying out the process as a good profiling report comes for INR 7500.

The report has a detailed outline of the managerial qualities of the candidate.

The areas that are covered are

  • Leadership
  • Strategy-building ability
  • Decision making skill
  • Change management skill
  • Delegation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation
  • Usage of power and authority
  • Conflict management
  • Teamwork