Personality profiling for corporate

May 20, 2016

I strongly believe that you can’t win in the marketplace unless you win first in the workplace. If you don’t have a winning culture inside, it’s hard to compete in the very tough world outside.

Douglas Conant

These wise words are said by the CEO of One of the leading soup companies in America. He is also the author of the book – “The Touchpoints” which deals with the leadership attribute. A workplace is a place where people come and have to express themselves freely. The thoughts and actions and the emotions need to flow without any hindrance.

A workplace in many ways resembles a society. Society has different individuals living in a neighbourhood and maintains a commonly achievable ethics to maintain the peace and tranquility. The same with workplace too. Many people from different walks of life come and gather at a common place to achieve the common goal of high productivity and high Profitability. The most vibrant societies and most effective workforce have one thing in common and that is DIVERSITY

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” – Stephen R. Covey                                   

A society with Diversity will be having more festivals and more celebration, hence VIBRANT. The workplace which has more Diversity will have more viewpoints, more perspective providing more data for the process of Innovation. Hence, the workplace with more Diversity will be effective.

Having said that, it has to be seen how people generally react to things which they cannot relate to themselves. Researchers in Behavioral Sciences and the Big Five Factor Model in Psychology have given us the answer for it. DIVERSITY kindles two kinds of basic emotions simultaneously in Humans. Those two are

  • Curiosity
  • Anxiety

The Curiosity of getting to know people and trying to have their attention is the first emotion. The second is the fear of unknown entity and to be away from any kind of unwanted conversation. These two basic things get evolved into two major driving or motivating force for the employees in the workplace. They transform into

  • Desire for acceptance
  • Fear of Rejection

This is a very important transmission in a workplace because it happens in total silence. Management Know few people are doing good. If asked why the few are doing well, one probable answer is they are motivated. When further asked, “motivated by what”? Do we really have an answer?

There can be only a better connect with the organization with its employees when it reaches to this base level emotion. The employees when to understand what drives them, they will be empathetic in their approach to diversity. They would listen more and learn more. A complete changeover is certain to happen when this happens. It would be a great asset for any organization to have such a harmonized workforce.

The Process of Hiring

People are the greatest resource that any organization might have. All organizations while hiring makes a mandatory activity of having the Physiology of a person Checked and evaluated, to understand the physical wellbeing of a person. Only a handful of organizations is concerned about the emotional well-being of a person.

The way to achieve

When it is dealt with emotions, the clichéd term used here is “Have a journey inwards”. Like most clichés we have lost the meaning of it. It is true that we know the synonym for each word, but not the meaning of a whole sentence. The famous way in psychology to make things work is to break abstract things into doable mortar skills. Likewise, there are Psychometric tools to analyze and evaluate the emotional wellbeing of a person. Some examples are

  • Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • DISC

 These types of Psycho-analysis tools help to get into the emotional dark rooms of humans and can understand their emotions better. However, there is another tool which is far more effective because it dives deep into the darkness than any other tool. By taking this tool as your navigator, your inward journey is sure to reach the destination of where it should be, rather than where you intend to take you. The tool is


Enneagram symbol

The Major Difference

The main difference between Enneagram and other tools is it is designed with basic emotion types that govern all our actions, reactions, and reflexes. The tool dives deep into the dark corner and makes us realize who we are. It sets an appointment between you and your primitive you. The starting point of your “Self” is what you meet there. The source from which all your activities spring from can be identified.

The other Psychometric tests tell you who you are. It would be like “You are an extrovert who perceives things using your five senses, and you rarely use sixth sense. So you are a participator, not a judge”. This we personally call as Labeling. It does nothing more than just to label you with certain attributes. Enneagram differs majorly here as not only it tells you who you are; it explains why you are that you are? For example, it doesn’t just conclude by saying you are an extrovert and use only five senses not the sixth, it also tells why you are an extrovert and use only five senses. We can work upon ourselves better, by using this tool.

 The Benefits for Corporates

In the era of knowledge and knowledge flow; organizations have to provide enrichment of information and empowerment of execution to its employees.

  • The very skill of taking information effectively is stimulated by the emotions we experience at that point in time. So in order to have high IPR skills within the workplace, this tool is the best. Most of the work is done in a collaborated manner nowadays.
  • The organization has a training calendar, to provide the extra edge for their employees in the marketplace. How much ever the evaluation of a training company and the trainer is done, there is no guarantee that the trainer will deliver the program effectively on that particular given day. So if the workforce has become good listeners and learners, irrespective of the effectiveness of trainer or the training company, the learning happens to provide a great edge for the employees in the marketplace.
  • Even lot of things are taught and learned as on the job training incorporates. This process helps employees either to learn something dramatically new or to upgrade the knowledge that already exists in them. In both the cases if there is a clear understanding of who we are and what does the person in front wants to convey, the benefits are very high.

All these can be achieved by taking a simple Enneagram test that might help to unravel, what seems to be a great mystery.

The Enneagram can be taken individually too. It contains all the information that are personal and the individual can work on it and make things better for him both in the workplace and in the society. There are benefits of taking the test as a professional, as it gives a bird’s eye view of one’s Managerial styles. This is designed specially to empower the workforce in the workplace so that they can excel in their job and career.

 In the professional report, the areas that are covered are

  • Leadership
  • Strategy-building ability
  • Decision making skill
  • Change management skill
  • Delegation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation
  • using power and authority
  • Conflict management
  • Teamwork

If taken by 30+ members a half-day free seminar on Enneagram and emotions are given to the Employees, to use the report better and enhance themselves.