Personality Profiling for Colleges

May 20, 2016

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs; One future is going to be better than present and the second I have the power to make it so.

                                                                                                            -David Brooks

The most interesting phase of learning in a human takes place on the college campus. In a way he not only learns the discipline he chose in arts or engineering, one also learns about life. Life with all its possibilities is presented to him in a very colorful form. The only problem is that the light of the glamor is so high that he loses sight on the actual learning. Above all what he learns in the period inside the college campus forms the base of every other learning he may venture into in the future.

Now the aspirations are good and great. Let’s look into the reality and assess where we stand in the field of engineering studies. The survey was taken by an employee assessment service provider named “Aspiring Minds” came up with the staggering stats at 2013 that “83% of the engineering students are not employee fit; they are unfit to be employed in any organization that expects to understand and carry over a job after initial explanation”. Mind blowing number isn’t it? India on a whole produces 15 lakh Engineers every year. The number of Employable engineers is though only 2, 55,000. The Reality is even harder hitting when we come across a report that is given by the same service company after taking the survey the next year. The scenario got worse by 7%. I.e. The unemployable percentage of engineers rose to 90% leaving only 10% of the engineers competing in a very large marketplace.


Why is this happening? This cannot be allowed to continue as we have a responsibility to produce a good workforce to the environment as much we have a responsibility to create job markets for young graduates. The most important thing is many students who join the 90% club mentioned above did reasonably well in school. Then what could have gone wrong in the college?

The major thing which has gone wrong is communication. No, not the spoken English stuff, but an important information is not being told to them, which they should have known in higher secondary’s itself. A single differentiation that might have opened new flood gates in understanding the word Higher education. The difference between




Studying involves a greater portion of teachers. Being taught is essential there. It is very important to know the basics. One cannot learn the basics by himself; in fact he should not.

 Learning is exploring the basics and to have a new understanding of the old things. In this process being taught takes the back seat and inspired education takes the important role. The more an individual begins to explore and experiment the more learning happens. This is the first step towards life. This starts in college and hence in college he is given the first taste of life. In life, we won’t have anyone to teach, guide us through.


So, for learning has to happen, what is essential? The essential is to know who you are and what is that you are made off? If the learning is the amount of data you can accumulate and the process then a student is the data warehouse. If a student is not sure about the warehouse then the data might not even be there for a period of time. So the first step is obviously the one said by one of the three great wise men of Greek “Know thyself”

If a student really understands and know who he/she is what he/she is and what are his/her limitations, then the making of the action plan would be simple to achieve their goals. Ok, having said that know you, is not enough. The process involves a serious journey inside oneself to know what the thing that drives them to achieve things is.

Again to make a journey you need a guide and a navigator. There are lots of tools available today to assess your personality. They may tell who you are? They don’t go any further. We in psychology terms call it as Labeling. The results they produce are acceptable at a corporate level, as they just want to get to know who they are working with. MBTI is one of the successful Profiling system used popularly at corporates. The MBTI system tells you if you are an introvert or an extrovert, do you take a decision based on the brain or the other senses, information as such. That is enough in the corporate world because it is used to share results and then the person working with you can understand you better while collaborating.

But to know about one totally we need a tool that is much deeper in expertise. The tool which does not just label but also tell why we are Introvert or extrovert? Why do we trust our five senses than our brain? Why do we act in a particular manner? In short what is our personality and why THIS is our personality?


Enneagram Logo new

The tool is called Enneagram. It is one of the ancient a primitive Psychology profiling system. It gives you a greater and a clear picture of who you are and what you are made off. This will make you know your origin. The primitive stage of yourself will be revealed to you and if you pay attention to that you would get to know your capacity to learn, Capacity to understand.

The tool used will dive deep into the conscious mind and would reveal you the most basic understanding you need to have about you. If you think all the understanding you have is only by other’s opinion on you. That Is converted into the assumption of your personality. It is time to know your personality by your own effort.

The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.


The Enneagram is a tool which will explore the shadow mentioned above in the quote. Once you encounter the shadow, according to Jung it takes you to a place unknown where you might learn something entirely new, which has never been taught to you. This is the first actualization of learning. Incidentally, it is at this moment, the crossing of shadow a hero is born, according to Jung. Prepare yourself to release the HERO in you. Come and explore your Shadow


As Educational Institutes, it becomes our responsibility to train students academically and socially. So the training calendar should be working and running full amass in any institution. Are they giving any results? All the training companies are evaluated before they are given a chance too. Even after all the evaluation there is no guarantee that the training would be effective on a particular given day. So if your students have taken Enneagram and know what is to be done, then irrespective of the effectiveness of the third party, the students would have gained something from the training sessions. His ability in understanding the core concepts too improves by this. This would result in them getting placed in Corporates, which would enhance the positive publicity of the educational institutions.