Personality profiling

May 20, 2016

A lot has been sad about the term personality and its development. The real scenario is 99% of people who speak about it have a vague Idea what actually it is. Is it the external appearance, is it the skills they have learnt over the years, is it the character they have built because of repeating certain habits or is it their way of living, commonly called as SWAG. What do people mean when they mean personality? One of the above or all of them? Actually, the term has a much more deep meaning.

Personality is a word comes from the greek word persona, meaning mask. Most people would know this, but very few understand the significance of it. We humans, as social animal have to wear masks to live in a common ground called society. The question is what is the purpose of these masks? what are we hiding using them? The answer is our BASIC EMOTION. This Basic emotion is the so called self, that dictates all our actions and reactions. If we know that emotion better, we can perform better with our personas in the stage called society. If personality is a mask, then the BASIC EMOTION is the face that is hidden behind the mask. Like faces these are unique. Many in the process of enacting with the masks forget they have a face, then starts the problem of identity crises.

All this can be avoided by taking this profiling test. This is the beginning of a self- discovery that is a must for everyone to understand his existence on this planet at this time. It is essential to realise the responsibility that one should shoulder at this point of time. Come and explore, you may be amused by what you discover.

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