Higher Education

May 20, 2016

We cover all the divisions of Higher education with customized content suitable and necessary for the level of higher education they are.

The areas covered under higher education are

  • Polytechnics, paramedical & Teacher training institutions
  • Colleges (Arts & Science)
  • Professional courses and Business schools
  • Sports Institutions


Polytechnics, paramedical & Teacher training institutions:

These categories fall in a different proposition as it is a blend of both professional and regular course. The main ambition of the students of this category is to find a job after the course with immediate effect. Athenus has taken a great care in drafting training programs for this category. Intensive language skills training are emphasized to this category, considering their needs.

*Course details to be furnished on request

Colleges (Arts & Science)

India has a huge advantage of having a great demographic dividend, which means India is now the youngest nation in the world. There are 4.7 million students are into Arts& Science colleges in India. As India is a giant in population which is young and English-speaking, the world has to come to India to get its job done. The scenario is then very evident that major share of the workforce would be the student out of the Arts & Science College. Athenus fully understanding this fact have designed products exclusively for this category people. Once the circle of the three designed training programs is executed, the students would definitely be ready to be employed

*Course details to be furnished on request

Professional courses and Business schools:

The students of Professional courses and Business schools have a greater chance of International Exposure, so if at all training programs are to be designed for them, it should be done with the global perspective. The students should be made aware of the great challenges and opportunities awaiting them, and also the need for the preparation to come across all such things should also be emphasized. Humans tend to act very precisely when they are aware, what is expected out of them. The setback in this issue is, we are in an era where change takes place rapidly. What the best technology yesterday was outdated today. So the programs designed should have a vision of future and mentioning of all the essential traits which is actually needed to enact the vision. Athenus precisely had designed Intensive courses for these students. After taking these courses from Athenus, one should be able to assimilate all the information they gained in these sessions and when that happens, it is inevitable that they are totally employable the next day out of their college. We believe in the knowledge pool of India, provided a good ignition they would definitely achieve great heights.

*Course details to be furnished on request

Sports Institutions:

This is one area where there is a possibility of huge development in India. As mentioned earlier, India would never be short of manpower, but how that manpower is used is the big question. Large numbers of athletes with great potential are waiting for success. Athenus sees it as an opportunity and provides psychological sessions to athletes. These sessions are designed in a manner that the athletes get to know about their body and their mind in a better manner.

*Course details to be furnished on request