May 20, 2016

We cater our services to following areas in the Corporate arena:

  • IT/ITES firm

  • Service Sector

  • MERIT industries


IT/ITES Firms:

The most booming industry of current Indian economy is the IT/ITES Firms. The driving force of today’s educated manpower of India is IT and ITES firms. NASSCOM has predicted 300 billion worth of industry in next four years. To achieve this feat, the companies should not only look into hiring from India’s large talent pool but also nurture the talent which they already have in-house.

With the tedious HR processing in a pressurized recruiting phase nowadays, the companies are struggling to identify the core strength of the employee and use the full potential from any resource in their organization. With the increase of months of experience, it is evident that 80% employee’s innovation level goes down. It is imperative for any company to identify this shortcoming in all levels and rectifying it in order to sustain the everlasting competition in this industry.

Athenus Training and Consulting studies the organization, analyze the shortcomings and customize the training for any organization. We also provide pre-training and post – training analysis, consultation and counseling for the employees who have trouble managing their time, cope up with the change and indecisiveness. We have a wide range of training programs covering all or any of these topics which can be customized for an organization to organization basis. Because we believe that organizations like human beings are unique in their own way.

Service Sector:

The service sector industry is said to be the pillar of the Indian economy pre-software era. The total economy and the employability were rested upon the service sector which includes hospitality, constructional services, Human resources development services and other departments. The best example of the constructive development of this industry is the growth of companies like “Make my Trip” which is voted to be the most sought tour operator worldwide.

So what makes this industry special? The Change management involved in each area of this sector is the key to sustain in this industry. To manage change not only the top management but also the employees who are executing the strategies and refining them should be able to respond to the change in a proactive way. Unfortunately, the workforce in India has to be trained to manage change and we are good at that.

 We have specialized programs for each area of the service sector and each business. The backbone of the service sector is the limited skilled manpower that is available in the industry. Manpower that is very fluctuating, which needs specialized training and coaching for their optimal performance.


The word is an abbreviation for Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, Infrastructure, and Telecom. Athenus has a deep understanding of the evolution of these Industries and the Industries role in India. As in present scenario, companies from India of these industries are competing and excelling with the global brands. One has to realize that old methodologies and approaches towards Indian Business in this sector would no longer prove beneficial. One should see the scenario as the phrase goes “Think Globally, Act locally”. Easier it is to say rather than do. Athenus has exclusively designed packages to elevate the business of these industries to the next level. As the market for this sector is a global one, the manpower which is used to build a Corporate should be a good one. TATA Motors have expanded to Europe and they still have a great deal of local market. International Retail giants like Wall-mart have cited India as their future market. Local Retailers like Reliance, More are in for a good competition for sure. But what could these companies possibly do if they don’t have a great workforce to compete globally. We, in Athenus, have extended programs in a very simple but powerful language to communicate to the workforce of these sectors. We would like to support these companies from recruiting, till making sure the avoidance of retention of good employees.

Athenus Believes that Businesses and Corporates are the engines of the growth story of the successful 21st century India. No matter how capable an Individual be, without a good team he will never be able to build a great Corporate. An organized workforce can do wonders and elevate a company to word class. Our strength lies in bringing in the changes without modifying the nature of work or making the team/individuals suffer the stress of the change. We emphasize ON THE JOB TRAINING so that the employees know that their learning is actually getting converted into action plans. As the training program gets inducted, the same regular work which was seen by the team members as laborious would seem to them as a much easier one and as a ladder of their growth which results in, maintaining the clarity of communication, and working style and subordination. A serious research has made possible for identifying the crux of corporate training and we have categorized it into hierarchy levels. .Intense research has been made on the training services to this sector and Athenus has come up with a good customization of workshops that concentrates on improving the core competency of the companies. It’s not just a day or two workshop but workshops that make sure that learning is being converted into desired organizational goal. Our research has helped us to categorize the organizational structure into 5 layers.

Level 5 -People who analyze the trajectory and create new strategies and new avenues for the existing business.


Level 4- People who make sure that learning has converted into desired organizational goal and mark the patterns and find the trajectory of the learning for analysis.


Level 3- People who make sure that there are conducive environments for learning and make sure that the learning is getting converted into desired organizational goals


Level 2- People who make sure that learning is happening by creating a conducive learning environment


Level 1- Learning essential things to make sure they complete the tasks assigned to them properly.


On the Shelf Courses Offered:

Level 1: These are front line employees who need the training to use their resources to complete the tasks given to them.

  1. Customer relationship Management
  2. Enterprise Dynamics
  3. Motivation
  4. Personal productivity
  5. Presentation skills
  6. Time management
  7. Stress management
  8. Telesales
  9. Marketing/sales

Level 2: These are interim officials who serve as a bridge between Middle management and the front end employees. They need training in

  1. Effective team working
  2. Quality management system
  3. Organizational structure, culture& issues
  4. Organization Behavior
  5. Conflict management
  6. Effective communication
  7. Interpersonal skills
  8. Facilitation skills
  9. Effective complaint handling

Level 3:  The people who belong to this level and higher have a great responsibility of leading the company towards its vision. They have to make sure that the learning is converted into desired organizational goals. They might be trained in

  1. Coaching & Mentoring
  2. Auditing
  3. Bench Marking
  4. Effective meetings
  5. Job Design
  6. Creative Problem-solving
  7. Negotiation skills
  8. Project Management
  9. Managerial spirit and people management


Level 4: The people who are in this level are the people who communicate the strategies and operations which are designed to the level 5 people. These people are actually the one who helps the top management to form new strategies and explore new markets. The following areas where a consultant can step in for this level are

  1. Change Management
  2. Change Leadership
  3. Strategy, culture & Leadership
  4. Managerial capabilities & people management
  5. Developing Group Dynamics
  6. Systematic decision-making
  7. Performance appraisal
  8. Measuring strategic management


Level 5: These are the top management people who actually form all the strategies, developing a vision and create values to achieve those strategies and goals. The consultants can be helpful in following areas.

  1. Strategy Management
  2. Leadership
  3. Leadership & Delegation
  4. Leadership & Influence
  5. Decision Making
  6. Financial management
  7. Crucial Negotiations
  8. Building an excellent organization


Other than these 5 levels there some courses that have been specially designed for HR persons in the office. They are

  1. Interview skills
  2. Job analysis
  3. Job description
  4. Human Resource Management – General
  5. Human Resource Management – Recruitment and selection
  6. Training need analysis
  7. Performance Appraisal

We have an extraordinary pre-training process which ensures that need has been found and relevant training has been given. The TNA of Athenus is a questionnaire with the correct blend of psychoanalytical and learning methodology questions which bring out the exact need and the scenario of the participants.

Athenus training and Consulting should be chosen ahead of all consultancies because

Training need analysis is done in a more precise manner. All the courses mentioned above are very closely related to the vision of the company, irrespective of the levels and hierarchy. So the Need analysis not just involve the department which needs training, but the entire organization is included in accessing the need for training.

As the module is based on the case of addressing the issue “Why this is to be done?” Every program starts with the statement of purpose. There will be a pre-test before the commencement of the program and a post-test would be given and a comparison of the two test would be included in the evaluating the training program. This is then compared if the result is in line with the SoP written while commencing the program. So the evaluation process would also be done with a purpose rather than the sake of doing it.

ATC follows a very unique but precise follow-up of the participants for days to make sure the learning has started. For the first two levels 60 days follow-up would be done and for level 3 and 4 30 days follow up will be done and for the level 5  a follow-up of 15 days. The model is based on AWA process. Any trouble in learning would be based on the AWA factor. So these follow-ups would give us an opportunity to find out and remove any hindrances in learning.