Solving And Demystifying

It was a fine September evening on 2009 and I was enjoying my favorite muffin with Darjeeling tea in my favorite coffee shop. I felt a pat on my shoulder and it was Mr. Murali, the then HR Manager of Sutherland services, in which I attended my first interview in Chennai. Back then I was a rusty youngster from south Tamil nadu in Chennai trying to find a place in the city. I was looking for a job, not very particular about it, ended up in the interview of call center. The Interview was a big Eye opener, as I miserably failed. Mr.Murali too should have the same memories, I guess. We both had smiles on our faces. He did not remember my name, and felt sorry for that. That meeting in the coffee shop was a great learning experience for me. I gave my card to him and said that I am self employed now as management consultant. He complimented that I have improved my ability to speak the Queen’s language. We again had a laugh remembering the way I spoke in English in the interview 5 years before. He then said something very interesting. He said “I knew you would end up like this when you attended that interview. You had a good sales man inside you then!” […]