Students and Entrepreneurship

The current mindset: I often get a chance to meet students of different discipline as I am a soft skills trainer. I meet them to give a keynote speech about their career perspectives and about the opportunities they have in this great emerging country.  I happen to meet all types of students who do B.A.[…]

The lost art of Oracy and the importance of it

The 21st century learning Challenge: The Students of the 21st century have to develop some of the important skills if they have to survive and thrive in the market economy and the society as in. They are the future leaders and so they have to have multiple source of learning. The key point is all are[…]

The identity, Idea and Ideology

The famous Matt Ridley, who is the author of the fascinating book The GENOME, Once said that his Brain is a space which is a conjugal bed for Ideas to have sex and from which new Ideas are born. A truly amazing statement it is. Human Being is a social animal. He cannot live in[…]

Art or Science?

We humans love to differentiate. We say some are introvert, and some others are extroverts. We have our choices and we fight over them. One such great fight is Right Brainers vs. Left Brainers. People who are not good with math or science concepts think that they are right brainers. And there is a perception[…]

Students and Entrepreneurship

I often get a chance to meet students of different discipline as I am a soft skills trainer. I meet them to give a keynote speech about their career perspectives and about the opportunities they have in this great emerging country.  I happen to meet all types of students who do B.A. History to a student who do MBA in International trade and Finance. But I see a strange coincidence in all of the students regardless of what they study. When faced with the question of what next? They actually come to a standstill. Even the management students, who study a whole lot of things about planning, are not able to come up with a clear idea what they want from their career or professional life. What they care utmost is to clear the examination with good grades. They have this mission in their mind. So they study hard instead of what should happen there in a college or university. They should LEARN in a college or University rather than studying. There are a lot of differences between studying and learning. […]

Knowledge about finance

I meet pupils who are in the final and pre-final year students in engineering colleges; I used to ask them one simple question. What if I give you, say an Rs.1900? Per month, what would you do with that? I keep on listening to a set of patterned answers which have two to three options. Some say that they would buy clothes; some to hang out in eat outs and some in purchasing gadgets. They don’t even consider buying a book. When I asked them why don’t they buy books? , they say that their parents are there for them to buy them books. Then diving more into it, if asked what kind of books their parents would buy them, it would be text-book of the stream that they are studying in the college. It is not a bad thing that parents buy those books, but the point is they never read anything that is not associated with marks, grades and credentials. The post here is not about the learning out of syllabus, but it is about the amount of knowledge a student or an Individual has on finance and wealth. Is this one so important? Come let’s explore together […]

Ethnography – Approach towards books and learning

Before few years, while I was new to Chennai that was the first coffee shop I have ever visited. I fell in love with that place instantly and then I made it a habit of meeting my friends at that place. When I turned into a self employed person, whenever I was given a chance to finalize the place of meeting by my vendors, clients, co-workers; I always choose this coffee shop. Thanks to social media websites, I got a chance to meet some youngsters who are very energetic and enthusiasm and they dream big. Once as we were working through a business plan for these people, the topic of reading books came up. The conversation eventually circled about the self help books and the effect of self help books on our lives. I have an opinion that these books cannot bring you any positive results whoever may the author, however may be the concept.  As I was from a small town in Deep South Tamil nadu, I always had the complex of inferior self due to the lack of English language practice.  I have tried from Koffmayor to Robin Sharma. Nobody could possibly help me navigate my problem. Then I came across a famous English Phrase HELP YOURSLF. That one liner changed my view of help and helplessness. […]

The path of Endurance

Education – an overview

As I travel across the state to all colleges, to imbibe the employability skills training to the students, one of my friends who is working in a print media asked me a favor. He wanted to have one candidate who has reasonable idea on International politics and economics and a reasonable command over the English language. At the outset I thought that of an easy job as, I am in touch with three universities in the southern part of the state and there would be at least 150 students who would be either in their M.As, M.phils, or PhDs in the economics department. One out of one hundred and fifty seemed relatively an easy task. But on trial; it wasn’t to be.

The problem:

One major problem I encountered with is the students are not that brilliant. Please don’t get me wrong. Pupils are bright, bright enough to achieve distinction and much more achievements academically. But I hardly see that academic brightness assimilating in the real life. This of course cannot be taught, and the core of the issue lies here that our students cannot do or perform anything that is not taught to them. This prompted me to have an insight of a student’s brain, how it functions while performing academic rituals. Students in this part of the world are informed at a very young age that they should work hard in school and study vigorously. The ultimate gift or the result of studying hard and being a school topper is they can have a secured life with a good job and a decent salary. This is fundamentally wrong. The basic reason to study is to know new things and then learning happens by exploring those new things deeply. Has it always been like this in this part of the world, let’s take a short virtual time travel. […]