What is Emotional Intelligence

This wonderful blog originally appeared on https://www.tenfold.com. You can find other wonderful resources like this on the above mentioned site. Have a great time visiting Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to a person’s ability to recognize emotions within themselves and others, and understand these emotions. It is the ability to use emotional cues as guide to[…]

Building Trust

  In order to build anything substantial. We just need one thing. It might be a great relationship, a great customer community or a great business, this thing is vital. Building, retaining and winning back trust. That is the key to many issues. That is the solution to many problems. All things which are valuable[…]

The Art of Reading

What is reading? Reading is quintessentially a self-therapy. It is one of the highest forms of exercise one’s brain can get. It serves as a means for a person to be intelligent. It makes people open to new ideas and new cultural beliefs. It makes a person understand how little he/she knows after crossing 100+[…]

The Power of Savings

The Neo-economy Recently there were two articles that were circulating caught my attention. One by an Economist, who said savings are old fashioned and bad. The modern economy or the neo economy as they call stands tall in the ability and the power to spend. The article cited Japan as a country which saves a[…]

Optimizing brain power

The Tool: The Brain in our body is undoubtedly the most important thing in our perception. The Formation and function of the bigger brain in humans allowed them to survive in a much chaotic environment, where other bigger, stronger animals live and thrive. If we imagine our brain as our most efficient tool for our[…]