May 19, 2016

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Athenus training and consulting is one of the cutting edge HR Consulting Company which intends to be a solution provider for all Human Resources problem. Athenus training & consulting is one company which tries to bring all training needs under one roof. Athenus Training & Consulting thrives on bringing the best out of a human being. In modern times where success is understood just as space where there is the absence of failure, we have customized our workshops to make human really successful. The point here is one should feel his presence and that makes them happy. Success, after all, is a state of mind exactly like happiness. As per the sayings in Upanishads goes “Where there is joy; there is creation, where there is no joy; there is no creation. Experience the nature of Joy” we try to make humans create something substantial that will make them attain joy. We in many senses believe that the human potential is the least used in today’s environment.

All wise men from Buddha to Marx emphasized on one important thing. “Uncertainty” is all they preached in their life. So it is inevitable that changes happen around us and in today’s world that happens in a rapid phase.  So it is imperative that a human whether he is an individual or a team person should be aware of the changes happen and also the speed of the happenings.

One important thing that is essential to keep up the pace is updating oneself. This is popularly called as learning. If a person has the trait of learning, he may overcome the rapid changes that are happening around him, as learning teaches them to adapt and survive. When the situation gets tough, it pushes them to innovate and when tough times last longer, this innovation becomes a habit. The word learning is very general and has to be taken in context time to time. The learning which is discussed here is Adult learning in Corporate.

The problem with this is we are never used to learning until we are put into a working environment. Instead; this should start from a small age, where through experience one can master the art of learning when he has grown up. In schools, we are not taught about the difference between studying and learning. Learning in the context of Corporate environment is understanding the company, understanding the purpose of the company, understanding the learning opportunities in the company, understanding to learn necessary things to complete the job assigned, understanding the big picture of the company, understanding that their own progress in improving the excellence of doing a job would improve company’s overall productivity, understanding that growth is intuitive and can happen only by learning and developing each day.