When “WHEN” Matters.

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When is Important as Why and How?


When are we going to give importance to “When”?

We have to accept a fact that we give importance to what, why and how to do things and we barely give attention to the important thing, when to do things? I am not saying that when is more important than what, why and how, but it is equally important. But the problem is we altogether neglet the when to do things while trying to accomplish our goals or trying to get things done. Even a mundane job of eating has its own time to give optimum result. So it is hightime we pay attention to these things, which has the capacity to increase or decrease the intensity of us doing things.

“When” by Dan Pink.

Dan Pink is an acclaimed author, who has written a book on the topic of When. He explains all kinds of When in his book. From the circadian rhythm, which tells us when to go to bed to sleep and when to wake up to which is the optimal time to pursue creative thirst of one in a day. It is a great read and as everyone knows Dan is one heck of an author. But in this blog I would like to speak about WHEN in a slightly different manner.

Till when?

There are some concepts which are termed as positive things, if done. But at the same time if it is over done, it can be harmful. For example prople say doing journal every single day is good and that is said to help visualizing our dreams and goals. But now research states that it is only good if it is done for 15 mins or less. This is the crux of a time and beyond that mind cannot recognize the difference between a visualization and a reality. So if you do journaling for more than 15 mins, your mind convinces that it has been achieved and once that conviction kicks in, the drive to achieve that thing  goes out.

The Future “you”

The other similar ritual is to have a meeting with future self. The new researches in goal setting and achieving gives a shocking truth why we are not able to stick on to a plan to achieve our goal.  It is generally said that visualizing a meeting where we meet our future self and ask how are things, and this can motivate us to stick on to a plan or a course of action that may help us to achieve the goal.  But the problem is unique, there is a time frame here.

If you are a 29 year old, the “you” of tomorrow is also the future “you” and the “You” who is 49 years old is also the future “you”. But the catch here is your mind doesn’t recognise the fututre “You” as You if the future “You” is more than 100 days old. In other words, the future “you” within 100 day of visualization, is taken you by your mind and hence help you to achieve your dream, but beyond that your mind sees the future “you” as a different person and hence loses interest to help achieve the goal. It may seem odd, but the mind is always weird one to understand.

Hence When plays an important role and uptill when also has to be taken account in the case of self-development.

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