The art of using the element called Luck

What is luck?

Luck is a word which is very hard to define. Luck is a generally presumed as a thing that just happens to people unexpectedly and suddenly. In her recent book “Thinking in betsAnnie duke the world champion of poker describes life as a poker game, because there is an element called luck involved in life. In that book she argues, decision making in life should not be approached like a game of chess but it should be approached like a game of poker. Because in our life, just like game poker there is a possibility where we have to deal with uncertainties. That is where the element called luck plays a crucial role in our upliftment and degradation. Annie says, we have to put the outcome of decisions in two baskets. The first basket is of luck and the second bucket is of skills. If the outcome of our decision is bad and that is because of skill bucket, then there is work to do. We have to look at it seriously and try to improve our skills to decide better in the future. But if the bad outcome comes out of the bucket of luck, then we have very little to do about it. Hence we should look forward rather than improving the past. This is a very valid argument, isn’t it? But wait; what if luck is something that we create?

Opportunities and Success:

It is beyond doubt that you should have enough skill set to be successful. You should be having a great work ethic on honing those skills and be the best in what you do to be successful. But you can only be successful if you get the opportunity to showcase your skills, and one has to go and look out for them instead waiting for opportunity. According to Janice Kaplan, the author of the book How Luck happens: Science of luck to transform work, love and life, this is where we create the luck. She rolls out three step plan to create our own luck. They are

#1. Expansion of Social circle

She explains, that there is a concept called weak ties in sociology, where it states, luck is always brought by the people less known to us. So the opportunity to perform our skills often comes to us, not from our friend, but from the friend of our friend. So it is essential to increase your circle of social activity. Meet new people, befriend the friend of your friend and expand the social circle. The luck happens more often than not, when you follow this.

#2. Be prepared

At the end of the day your success depends on the skill which you posses. So keep working on them, harness them and hone them. When the expansion of circle happens and when people realise you are good, they take you to new circles. So new people, means new opportunities. So being aware of the moment when an opportunity come knocking is the second essential step in the plan of creating luck. Use that moment and voila, you are just one step away from creating the luck

#3. Tenacity to act

The third important and final step is to act upon the opportunity that is provided to you. Success comes only to those people who have the courage to act with their skills when the opportunity is provided. You do that and you can create your own luck.

Try these and let me know, how it worked. I am open for a discussion on this too.

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