The role of sleep in mindfulness

What is sleep?

Sleep is one important process that should not be neglected at any cost. Sleeping is the most efficient healing process. A good night quality sleep have cured many chronic diseases. Yet in the modern world, we can see that people are taking sleep for granted. In Arianna huffington’s word they are considering sleep as optional. Something we can do without. If a person is into such thoughts, he/she has got it totally wrong. Sleep is a proces where our brain gets both rest and food. The main food consumed by our brain is oxygen and at sleep we would be supplying uninterrupted amount of oxygen to our brain. What does this oxygen do? We all know we have substances called neurons in our brain. These neurons are basically isolated, and only when oxygen is supplied, the create something called synapses in their end and get connected to other neurons. Intelligent peple are called intelligent, just because they have more connections in neurons and certain people are dumb because there is no adequate connections in neurons. So if one wants to look smarter, he/she has to sleep. I one wants to think deeper, he/she needs sleep. If one wants to live longer, he/she needs to sleep.

Role of sleep in mindfulness:

Being mindful consists of three components. Paying attention, experiencing awareness, and intensifying focus. For all three components of mindfulness, one has to have a good quality sleep. Our brain consists of only 2% of our body area, but consumes 20% of the energy we take for our body in a daily basis. If we are sleeping well, the brain is well fed and we will face less fatigue and thereby would be in a better position to pay attention. By the way a good quality sleep, helps extremely in digestion process, the process where food is converted into energy. The connection of neurons Is the reason for awareness. Simply put awareness is the realization that we have choices or options. Then comes the more important of all three components, the focus. It is next to impossible to try and focus when we lack sleep. Being mindful is a must in the current hectic scenario, but to be mindful sleep is one of the important tool.

Quantity and Quality of sleep:

It is mandatory to have minimum of 7 hours of sleep every single day. This is a must, but we should not calculate sleep quantitatively alone. There is something called quality of sleep, which is very very important too. There are different stages in a sleep. They are REM sleep, Non REM sleep, Deep sleep. So for optimal health one should have deep sleep for atleast 2 to 4 hours every night. That is the reason sleep scientist argue the minimum 7 hours sleep thing. So to be healthy, look great, think deep and perform better everyday, have a good quality sleep.

Benjamin franklin has caught the essence of this knowledge , when he penned down these lines in winnie the poo “early to bed and early to rise, makes the bear healthy and wise”.

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