The case for Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence is one of the hot topic if 21st century, partly because it is very humane. Somehow people sensed that the average human to human time will be very less in 21st century rather than the decades before. This is happening because of the technological advancements that are breaking literally every single month. There is an unbelievable intelligence behind the arenas which has pushed all these technological advancements. But that intelligence is extremely different from the emotional intelligence. If one has to define intelligence in a very simple form, it can go as “the ability to use data and make something beneficial to us and others”. Normal Intelligence can be measured easily by this definition. But what about emotional intelligence?

Do you know Mark Zuckerberg had an AI in his home which assist his work and his kid? He has named it JARVIS. Yes, the AI name of Tony stark, the Iron man. Like many things the idea and ideology of Intelligence has evolved. From Normal Intelligence, to Emotional Intelligence to artificial intelligence to super intelligence. So in this chain if a person has a good exposure and continuous reading, It is sure he has a good idea about intelligence, some idea about emotional intelligence and very little idea about artificial intelligence, and no idea about super intelligence. These things are not taught to us in school, neither by our parents nor by our society.

See, this is a catch 22 situation. Emotional intelligence is being aware that you have to learn things by yourself and there will be no one to teach (the internal motivation – third component of Emotional Quotient). But we only know this when we have already tried it. So the classic education of theory – practical –practice which worked splendidly on accumulating normal intelligence don’t work anymore. You practice something and because of that practical experience you construct your theory in Emotional intelligence. This is one of the reason it is so hard to master. But one has to master this if he/she wants to survive in the market and social plane of 21st century. Let’s define what emotional intelligence is first and then try to set a process to master it.

Emotional intelligence:

In the simplest for we can define it as “The understanding of the emotions of self and others and to use it to create something useful”. It started as Emotional quotient by two psychologist named John Mayer and Peter salovey. It had five components according to them. They are self-awareness, self-regulation, internal motivation, empathy, and social skills. Daniel Goleman who is a renowned Science journalist who coined the term emotional intelligence from intelligence quotient. Even though EI comes from EQ, EI has four components rather than five. They are self- awareness, Social- awareness, self-management, and relationship-management.


A lot of research has gone into the increase in productivity because of improvement in emotional intelligence and the results are shocking. The regular intelligence has to be increased at least by 25% to attain substantial result change in actions and rewards, whereas in emotional intelligence, if it is increased by 3 to 7% it leads to a much result change in a much quicker time. This is very much true for people who work predominantly in knowledge economies like teachers, coaches, trainers, salesmen etc. So the conscious effort to increase your emotional intelligence is sure to pay you some great results.

I am listing few free EQ tests available online. Please take them and assess where you are, and then start improving it.

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