The Sales attitude and Communication

The salesmen species:

We have to accept that there is a special species of people in the market place who make sales look like a walk in a garden. Not many of us would feel that way, when we are told to sell something. Frankly put most of us don’t like the job of sales, as most of us feel, we are belittled by others while on the process of selling things/ concepts. But the irony is most of the people are also not comfortable working for somebody else and are desperate to start their own business and live independently. The Irony is if you cannot sell you cannot be an entrepreneur. End of the argument. So the species of the salesmen who are extremely crafting their art of sales, in the meantime evolve to be great entrepreneurs.

The attitude of a sales man:

There is a huge difference in attitude between a successful salesman and an ordinary person. That attitude determines if he can start his own business and run or is he good enough just working for somebody else. So what is it? Before going into that, let me ask you a series of question and please try to answer them. You want some help. You know you can ask only from a limited number of people. You also know that they all will reject to help you out rightly. Now knowing that this will happen to you, will you still go ahead and ask help?

If no is your answer, then be glad you are in the majority of the common people. If yes is your answer, then you join the elite species of great salesmen and entrepreneur. This exact attitude of going ahead and pitching, even when you know the answer is going to be no more often than a yes, is called Salesmen attitude. How do they do that? How come they know they will get a no and still pursue it? This is the main difference between ordinary people and great entrepreneurs. They never take the no’s personally.

They are fully aware that a no can be said for many reasons. May be the customer didn’t like the product yet, maybe he had a bad experience with the company, maybe he is not ok with the industry itself. The salesmen species is aware of it and hence don’t take the rejections personally. They sure learn from it and improve on it but they just don’t take it personally. If somebody refused to buy something they sell, they don’t feel that person has belittle them, instead they diagnose what could have gone wrong and try to fix it. They try this a countless numerous times. Because of this attitude they develop an unique style of communication.

The Persuasive communication.

The modern sales gurus always state, that the communication of a salesman should not be just informational but transformational. But what do they mean when they say transformational. They mean being persuasive in the communication, and thus create a transformation in them. What exactly is persuasive communication? The way of communication which pushes the buyer to take action is called Persuasive communication. Let’s admit this fact, making a buyer to decide on our product is very tough. There is a process to make that happen and that process is called persuasive communication. That involves three steps.

  • First the buyer must believe that what he is buying is much more valuable than the amount he/she pays.
  • Second the buyer should firmly believe that we are the right person to buy it from.
  • Third he should be educated through communication, extensively the downside of not buying the product and how dangerous it is to avoid the purchase.

When these three steps are followed then, we can say that persuasive communication has happened. But to have this persuasive communication, one should have the salesmen attitude. Please comment your views on this. I would be more than happy for a conversation.

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