A hand guide for Solopreneurs-3

The third component:

The third important component that can make any person a successful solopreneur is networking. There is a famous saying which goes “Your network determines, your net worth”. It is needless to say, it is the saying for 21st century. The first two components are very important, and important to implement the ways in which I have explained in the previous two blog posts. But the most important thing is people should know that you have prepared some high value skill and you are willing to perform. If people are not knowing it, no matter how valuable the skill you have is and how hard you have practiced and how much ever eager to perform it, there will be no takers. So networking is the mojo. “Faith moves mountains” is an old saying. The new saying is “Network moves mountains”

The 7 step Process:

There is a process for networking and it has to be followed if one needs to be successful in networking. You have to build a solid database, if you want to be a successful solopreneur. So to do that you have to go to lot of places. Going to events is not even in the list of 7 step process. That is the basic. Your social activity will determine your economic activity in the coming days. So going to lot of events and meeting new people, is absolutely must. The 7 steps are as follows.

Take your friends to the events

This is a wonderful way to feel less awkward in the crowd initially. If your fried is managing to strike a conversation with someone, that is a bonus. You get a lot of connection by cringing 3 to 4 friends to events.

Start a group:

This is the tactics followed by some in the WhatsApp area. This enormously helps when you try to gather people from a particular industry. Do this in real time, not in WhatsApp as many do. Have some space ready and start inviting people.

Actively connect with people:

When you are at an event, on you host an event you make sure you are actively involving in it. It means, you connect different people you know together, if they have a common ground or relevance.

Be authentic:

This point is very important. You have to have awareness that you are in the networking component of being a successful solopreneur. Many people get confused and act as if they are in performance component. Don’t show of your skills there, rather be interested in the person you meet.

Don’t try to sell:

People fail to understand that selling has a process. People will not buy from person who is not familiar or the brand which is not familiar. So the whole thing of networking is to create the familiarity which comes before a sale. If you try to sell immediately people will feel like you are coming for their money and they run off, which would be a disaster in the networking component.

Take Notes:

Make a note of all people whom you meet. Notes may contain, who they are, where they work, in which event you met them and note down something interesting about them. This last thing would be a great connector to start your further communication.

Follow up:

After a meet, if you have got them their card make sure you are sending a mail or a text message or a phone call to them mentioning the meet and thanking them for their time. If things are comfortable then, send requests on LinkedIn or Facebook. Send something of value to them via mail or Facebook. Then eventually you can ask them for a coffee. Now the familiarity is being built it would be easy for them to recognize and accept your offer.

These are proven steps in becoming a successful networker and connector. The added plus point is these work wonder even if you are an introvert.

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