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The second component:

The second component in the process of Solopreneurship is to perform. Everybody knows one has to perform if one has to have a career. But the issue I am trying to address here is different. The key point I want to drive is you don’t perform when you get a chance or an opportunity, but you perform precisely to get that chance or opportunity. How is that possible? We will discuss that in this blog post.

There are lot of ways you can perform in the modern era of information and technology. This is the how part, but before that we have to understand the why part. Why do we need to perform? We need to perform for two reasons. One that is the most practical way to put yourself on the area of familiarity.  Second is that this performance is the matric by which you can measure your preparation. That should be the reason we look out for performances.

One has to understand in the field of performing, be it acting, public speaking or any other, money follows fame and fame comes only when we are familiar. So the first and foremost task of a solopreneur while performing is to get to know a lot of people rather than making money. Then where would the livelihood come from? This question was answered in my latest money work shop under the concept of multiple sources of income.

The guest value adding:

While preparing yourself as a solopreneur you should offer your services initially for free while you perform. Value is always greater than the cost. Cost is tangible, countable but value is not tangible and countable. So even if you provide a little value and make the audience realize that then there is huge chance of you making more money in the upcoming days. If you know some persons who are conducting a program and if you have something to offer which adds value to the program, please do it. Do it without any expectation of revenue, initially. Remember the why part. Why do we perform, just to know how good we have prepared and to get familiar with the stage and audience. Remember money is just the by-product of your performance.

Online forums:

Using online forums to put forward your performance might do a world of good for you. So having a blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook page, Instagram accounts are mandatory for a person who aspires to be a Solopreneur. Providing good quality content on all these platforms are a better way to get familiarity and the metric to measure your preparation. The first small one should aim is to get the engagements in the posts or videos that he/she posts. Like is not an engagement. Commenting and sharing are engagements.

I know many people who had refused a platform to perform when they got a chance, just because they weren’t paid. Money is important, I don’t refute that fact. But my point is if you have figured out the why part, “Why am I doing this?” somehow the how part takes care of itself. It is same for money making too. You have to make money from other available sources in order to perform without being paid initially.

Key takeaways:

  • You perform not to earn money but to gain familiarity and measure your preparation.
  • Go online or volunteer to be guest lecturer on any stage that Is relevant to your preparation.
  • Use all the online forums available to give out quality content and build a base of familiarity

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