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The first component:

The first component of the three step process to be a successful solopreneur is PREPARATION. Now, very few people don’t know this or don’t agree with this. In spite of that few people are preparing to be a successful solopreneur. Now success is a very relative term. I agree. But the preparation for being good in a freelance arena is just not enough. One has to try to be the best and then surpass that by being unique. The arena of freelancers are going to get crowded as we saw in the info graphic, yesterday.  Another reason people are not preparing, or preparing enough is they have less clarity in the term Preparation. In this post we will see WHAT preparation is and why it is done? And how to do it?

What is a Preparation?

A preparation is a something we do to improve ourselves on any particular thing. It might be a trait or a skill. So the clarity what should I improve on should be a major focus while preparing oneself. Most people are now in a field where it is essential to combine two or more skills, one must know which skill he has to focus on preparing more. Most people keep practicing the skills in which they have some kind of mastery. It is essential to prepare that too, but most of the time and effort in preparation should go to the area in which there is a huge need for improvement.

The psychological reason for it is people feel good when they can do something better. Even if it is practicing it alone, they prefer to do thinks in which they are reasonably good at. But preparation arena is precisely for making mistakes, falling downs, and brushing up the skills which we lack. This happens because we all have gone to school and the school which should be preparation arena, had been a performance ground. Hence even now when we set out to prepare, we confuse it with our performance. Nobody is going to judge in the preparation arena, but ourselves.  People should keep this in mind while preparing.

Why should one prepare?

Many people think this is a straight forward question. That is a catch. Whenever you come across a question and think this is a straight forward question, always think hard. The answer to this question from most persons would be “To perform better”. Wrong answer. Of course if your prepare, your performance will definitely be better, but we don’t prepare just to perform better. We prepare, because we have a commitment towards the career we have chosen. The performance should never cross one’s mind when in the preparation arena. Commitment is a promise we make to ourselves or to somebody. In this case we have given over selves a promise to excel in Solopreneurship. So this why should be kept in mind in order to prepare good enough

How to practice?

In his bestselling book “So good they cannot ignore you” by Cal Newport, he implies a specific way of practicing, i.e. deliberate practice. The art of practicing meticulously, continuously, and consistently in all the areas of improvement, without distraction is called deliberate practice. The deliberate practice is the only way to go about practice. If we allow ourselves with any kind of distraction in practicing area, then it is going to be a disaster in our career.

Tomorrow we shall see the next process in building the “The one person million dollar business”.

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