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Work Force 2.0

Entrepreneurship is a great thing. But the trend in 2018 is going solo in Entrepreneurship. The concept of one person business is called as Solopreneurship. Latest news from job market is the spurge of Solopreneurs. A major shift is happening in the job market and the employment arena, the situation is called as the future of jobs or work force 2.0. The statistics are mind boggling. Please look at the picture given below for stats.

Then there is a book by Elaine Pofeldt, which is “The One person million dollar business” where she lists out at least 50 current business which makes 7 figures and run by a single person. The scaling up of business which is a very old idea, is now revolutionized using technology. Making money, that too big money has never been so simple than this era. But as for anything to be successful, there is a process to be followed. Looking at the info graphics presented above, the number is on the rise and when it is on the rise, the competition on cost is inevitable. The challenge now is how to rise above the cost competition.

The solution:

Following a simple, but effective process can give you the edge for people who want to build their own “The One person million dollar business”. Before diving into the process, I would like to clarify an important thing. When you want to achieve something big or lay a very strong foundation from which you shall launch your career, you always look for a process or strategy. Most people look for a technique or a tactics instead of process or strategy. This is a big mistake. A technique only can be used to move your process faster. In this case it becomes essential to master the process or strategy before looking for tactics or techniques to fasten it. The picture below gives the process of achieving financial confidence of being Solopreneurs.

The next blogs will examine the three levels one by one in a much deeper manner and give you a hand guide on how to go about Solopreneurship. All three areas of the process are important and the key thing is to have a synergic fit of all three pieces of the process or strategy. There is no either or in the pieces which makes the process. The keyword is AND. You have to Prepare AND Perform AND NETWORK in order to master this process or strategy.

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