The Young India – Changing the world

The Curious case of thinking man

We have to address a serious issue in our current scenario, that we are producing more distributors and re sellers of Idea, rather than producing creators. These people are produced from institutions which are commonly referred as school. In the month of January a book was released, with the title Dreamers: How young Indians are changing the world authored by Snighidha poonam, who is a journalist based on Delhi. What she claims is “About 600 million people in India are below the age of 25, which cannot be seen in any country and they are set to change the world in their own way. No matter where are they placed in the ecosystem currently, they make up the largest ever cohort of like-minded people who has one intention, that is to move forward.”

How are they going to change the world?

Let’s see what the current situation is? 15, 00,000 people applied for a clerical post in SBI Last year, where the vacancy is for 1500. 90, 00,000 students attended entrance exam for the elite university which has the total seat capacity of 1, 00,000. 2.3% of the entire Indian work force has a formal training in skills, compared to 68% in UK, 52% in US and 75% in Germany and whopping 96% in South Korea.  With this statistics, the population is more a liability than an asset. But the hope is coming from tier 3 cities and non – metros, where a group of young people emerging with an unique combination of upholding family and cultural heritage coupling with the American dream of making money and fame.

How to groom them?

Poonam says India would be needing another 1000 universities and 50 technical institutes at par with IIT. The number gives the quantitative measure. But we have to consider the qualitative measures too. In 2015, a survey was done in an Engineering college with affiliation to Anna University and the results were shocking. About 67% of the students struggled with grade 8 mathematics and grade 10 physics. So if we really wanted to change the world, we should equip them properly. The process of this grooming should start from school, where they not only obtain knowledge but also apply that knowledge into a skill. That is the quality of a creator. A distributor or a reseller simply pass on the knowledge. This cannot go on if we want to change the world. Being 14% in the total global population, it is our responsibility to change the world.

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