The Process of making money

The essentials of making money

Everybody wants to make money. Not just money, but big money. But how to make that? There is a systematic process behind the process of making money. The first essential basic step is to equipping oneself. The process of making money is not easy but can be made simple. But the first step is the one that is hardly realized by many. As Steve Jobs had said “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody is willing to die”, many want to amass huge wealth but don’t realize the first step of equipping oneself.

The Kiyosaki quadrant:

Robert Kiyosaki in his famous book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Introduced a quadrant which helps anybody to make money. The first one is employed, the second one is self-employed, the third one is Business and the fourth is Investment. The key is to understand you have to equip yourself in order to make money in all the quadrants. If one is not aware of his/her KPIs and KRAs and develop your skills accordingly, one will earn less than others in the employed arena. Likewise if one has no idea how to create something valuable to offer, he will not be sought after in the self-employed phase. If you are not able to provide something more than money to your employees then you will not be able to maintain a sustainable business unit. If one is not improving on his financial intelligence he/she cannot amass money on investment.

The first step:

The first step of equipping oneself is to know more things, do more things, experience more happenings. One essential part of knowing more things, is reading and understanding books. If one wants to have a quality data from an authenticated source books are the best form of Data banks. But even though people want to make more money are hesitant to read books. Most people acknowledge that reading is good, but if we have a closer look into their routines and habits, book reading is nowhere to be found. If one wants to be Bill Gates, it is simple, follow what he does. He reads 5 hours every day.  If that seems impossible then making money like him too will be impossible.

Intellectual capital > Financial capital.

I agree books are not the only way you can accumulate data in today’s world. But even today, they are the authentic source of quality information. If you are skipping it as a data source, a valuable link in the chain of data accumulation and processing is hindered.

Ten month Challenge:

Take up a ten month challenge. Make a decision to read at least one book a month from February to November. Then try to synthesize all the books you have read in 10 months in the month of December. I am willing to share the book titles if you are sharing this article in your Facebook timeline with the #SureshBalachandarTenMonthChallenge. Let’s us read and become worthy to lead the society.

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