Mastering Mindfulness

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a process to be aware of this moment. It is a process in which you accept your life, I.e. this moment without any judgment. Most people views the present moment as three different things. One, they view it as means to an end. That is present moment as a passport for future events. The second as an obstacle, something that is stopping their happiness and joy. The third thing is to see it as an enemy. Mindfulness is a practice that is trying to rise above all these three things. It is being conscious and accept what the present brings, or present is.

Why should one master it?

Mindfulness is one of the key skill one has to master in the coming days. It helps a person to have a more lively perspective of life. So why should one have a lively perspective of life. Psychology says, if one is gloomy, bored or feels his world is redundant he/she might even lose his interest in getting up from the bed even. “In the long run all going to die, so why bothering to get up?” would be their question.  To tackle this question, to avoid boredom people need to be mindful of certain things. This process of mindfulness will help them see a more vibrant, colorful world around them. This necessity of mindfulness have to be shared in a great extent, if we want people to be more mindful

The Issue:

Why people are not able to be mindful? What is the real problem? The problem is twofold. First most of us, if not all are conditioned deeply by our school, society and family. Every one of us have at least 7 to 8 influencers in our life. If you are accepting the word from a person without asking question either to him/her or to yourselves, then that person is an influencer. The more the influencers we have more conditioned we are. The process of thinking never happens when there are influencers.

The second is the myth that following or controlling thoughts are highly impossible. This myth too would have come from certain influencers for most people. This problem is stopping people from starting the practice of mindfulness.

The Solution:

The process of thinking is the only way we can get rid of the influencers from our life. The process is very simple but it has to be done very frequently. Thinking is nothing but asking a sequence of why questions, to the things, ideas whichever comes across your five senses. One should do this regardless from where/ whom that is coming? This will take care of the first part of the two fold problem.

Then one should practice the skill of answering the questions directly. If one tries answering directly, most of the problem is addressed. This part will bring more awareness in ourselves. As there is a saying the word becomes your world, when one answers the question directly, he is directing his awareness to the present moment. By doing this tiny step the myth of mindfulness toughness will be broken.

The essential component:

There is one more essential component of mindfulness and it is hard to believe how many people are totally ignorant of it. Breathing, is one of the most essential part in our human lives. It is also very important aspect in the process of mindfulness. We can thus say mindfulness and life are not very different from one another.

The practice of slow deep breath is a must for everybody to pause, hold and enjoy the vibrancy of the world around them. The process of Diaphragm breathing will be a good start and then one should slowly move to belly breathing. The diaphragm breathing means, you breathe well into your lungs and your diaphragm expands. The belly breathing is you breathe till your diaphragm so that your belly expands.

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