The Paradigm Shift in Education

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The drastic change in 21st century education:

The school system had been here for the last 2 and half centuries and it has a reason for it. But the dawn of 21st century has brought new challenges in the way we look into the concept called education. One key aspect that is propelling 21st century is the intertwining pattern of cross- disciplinary studies. We know more about human brain and its functions in the last 30 years compared to the last 3000 years. This knowledge spurred the great but altogether a different industry of Artificial Intelligence. This is the beauty and also the complexity of 21st century. With regard to schooling we have to consider two important factors if we want to propel it.

The 2 fold factor:

The two fold factor which can propel schooling as a system in 21st century are (i) Growth Mindset (ii) Differentiation between performance area and preparation area. These two factors has to be considered if we want our children to have a quality, holistic and life oriented education from the schools. We can deal these two in detail. We can start with preparation and performance area, which is the keystone of 21st century education.

Preparation and performance area:

On all sectors like sports, fine arts and others the achievers clearly have two zones or, areas of operation. The one area is preparation and the other is performance. The preparation area is where they can commit errors, fail and learn from their mistakes. There is no pressure attached to it when it comes to failure. A person like usain bolt can fail and try different things while practicing. That helps him while performing. We can be sure if one performs exceptionally, he has failed so many times in preparation.

But in the sector of education, especially in academical set up, classroom activities are considered as performance area. Children are in constant pressure to get good grades and improve continuously. They are not allowed to fail here. But should we consider classroom activities as performance area? No, these are preparation areas. The performance area is something outside the classroom and school. It is referred as LIFE. We have to PREPARE our CHILDREN to PERFORM in their LIFE.

Growth Mindset:

The Growth mindset is nothing but to have the understanding that there is always scope to improve. But in Schools the improvement is overtaken by competitiveness. You are good when you are better than others in the class. Growth doesn’t happen that way. To put it simply growth mindset cannot happen in performance zone, but only in preparation zone. As we are treating our classroom activities as performance area, we are hindering the growth mindset in our children. This will affect heavily when they step into the real performance zone, which is called LIFE.

The Shift:

The shift in the mindset of the people who are responsible for the school system will make a great paradigm shift in the way People perceive education in the coming century. The growth mindset alone can encourage the cross disciplinary learning and hence they would be ready to face the LIFE in 21st century.

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