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The current mindset:

I often get a chance to meet students of different discipline as I am a soft skills trainer. I meet them to give a keynote speech about their career perspectives and about the opportunities they have in this great emerging country.  I happen to meet all types of students who do B.A. History to a student who do MBA in International trade and Finance. But I see a strange coincidence in all of the students regardless of what they study. When faced with the question of what next? They actually come to a standstill. Even the management students, who study a whole lot of things about planning, are not able to come up with a clear idea what they want from their career or professional life. What they care utmost is to clear the examination with good grades. They have this mission in their mind. They might not know it unless they practice entrepreneurialism. One has to be a good entrepreneur to be a good student. So they study hard instead of what should happen there in a college or university. They should LEARN in a college or University rather than studying. There are a lot of differences between studying and learning.

The Major Difference:

I meet students of engineering college who are in the final or the pre final year and ask them to replicate the Parabolic path of a projectile which they studied in higher secondary syllabus. None were able to do that, till now. They have to study hard this Kepler’s theory in order to get a very good mark, if not a centum in their board physics exam. Yet they were not able to recollect now, because they study and not learn. Studying is done with a mission and a purpose. As soon as the purpose is over the brain would automatically but those information in the buffer and it would not be easy to retrieve it, when we like. But Learning has this special quality that it is happening because one wants to have the joy of learning and nothing else. So if we learn something it is highly impossible for anyone to forget what he or she has learned. The point to be made here is students should start learning in their college or university, so that it enhances them to think of what next. The main issue I want to discuss here is not about learning but the lack of learning is hurting a most important attribute of growing/ glowing India, which is ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Lack of learning:

I meet students and ask about their future plans, no one says that he want to be a business man or an Entrepreneur. Once I gave a keynote speech to a group of physics major students mingled with maths major students. When I asked about their aspirations, what they would become after this course, everybody had the same answer. Everybody wants to become a professor. They were not even aware what all the other possibilities are. This is because they don’t have the practice of learning. Learning actually is a continuous process which would not stop at any point of time. So if a person is learning physics or maths rather than studying, he would definitely think how he can put his theoretical knowledge into practice. This, my friends is the first step of being an Entrepreneurship. This Entrepreneurship actually helps them to clear Interviews. But as the students are not able to practice learning and entrepreneurship, they often struggle in interviews. Learning gives them confidence which is the fore most in appearing for an Interview, and strikingly the most needed quality to be an entrepreneur.

The Process called Interview:

What is interview? To put it in simple phrase it is a place where you are expected to sell yourself successfully to a Company. Selling things effectively is one of the very important traits of an efficient entrepreneur. How do you be in an interview? We perform and react to a person who is in front of you. Or one can say that we are STUDYING that person and his non verbal communication. The missing part is in an interview we don’t realize that happens from the other side too. So it becomes important also to learn about ourselves. The responses would be coherent and relevant and with confidence if we know what we are and who we are. To study something, it is just OK to see. But to learn something you have to observe. Observing is very different from seeing even though both of these things happen through a single sensory organ initially. Seeing needs only eyes, but observing needs your brain to coordinate with your eyes and store it in the memory. Observing one’s self is the hardest thing to do. But amazingly successful entrepreneurs do that. They by doing such thing know their strengths totally and more importantly their weakness.

Entrepreneurship and the possibility of getting employed:

They, based on those results of observation take a call on the venture they are about to undertake. Likewise in an Interview if you know both the ends of the thread you would be in a better position to make a judgment about the outcome of the interview. So in order to get through an interview and have a job, the entrepreneurialism is absolutely important. Even though you are going to work for and under someone the attitude of entrepreneurialism is the link which is going to get you that job. Being an employed person or a self employed person is about the choice of the individual. But it doesn’t matter if you are an employee of someone or self employed, you got to have that entrepreneurialism in you to survive and sustain. After five years of my visits to colleges and universities I feel this lack of entrepreneurialism is the cause that is costing our young people, their jobs. It has to imbibed in them and it should be allowed to grow from inside. Unless we do that, no training however it is superior cannot guarantee anyone of any job.


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