The lost art of Oracy and the importance of it

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The 21st century learning Challenge:

The Students of the 21st century have to develop some of the important skills if they have to survive and thrive in the market economy and the society as in. They are the future leaders and so they have to have multiple source of learning. The key point is all are not taught in schools and to an extent cannot be taught in schools. The more common skills which people discuss while they discuss about school education is language and arithmetic. But the skill which we are addressing here is a part of language training. The skill which we are addressing here is Oracy.


When we look for the meaning for the word Oracy, it means the ability to express oneself fluently in speech. There are two areas for every skill. One area can be named as preparation area and the other area is performance area. In fact all School activities should come under preparation area but most of us look at them as performance area. We should approach math test as a preparation. Unfortunately we look it as a performance area.

The Feynman technique:

So my point is even Oracy is a part of language training, it is there as a performing part. There is no curriculum designed for practicing Oracy in schools. Whatever your learning is, the reinforcement of the learning through Oracy actually helps the process called retention which is very powerful and essential in the journey of learning. This is famously called as Feynman technique. The research done by Professor Neil Mercer, emphasis the importance of Oracy in problem solving. Explaining the problem efficiently is equivalent to half- solving it.


The students in the 21st century should use resources other than school text books to enhance their learning. Lot of toolkit for Oracy is available online.  Students should start practicing it on their own ad test them in the appropriate situations. For example you prepare the skill of Oracy through these toolkit and apply those techniques by using it to explain the science and math concepts to their peers or brothers/sisters. In this way a student develops a deep knowledge.

Benefits of practicing:

The skill of Oracy like any other skill has to be practiced deliberately and daily. When it is done externally it helps the student to get appreciation, which gives him motivation from external factors, but most importantly he feels a sense of satisfaction helping a peer or siblings understand a complex subject. It helps their reasoning skills and also helps them to find their voice. The essentials and need for finding one’s voice is an important trait of a future leader. The other important plus point of Oracy is one can become more sociable. In the modern world which is more shrunk and more connected, the ability to socialize is extremely important and necessary for success. When one socialize and can support your points and value through logic and eloquence, anyone can ascertain authority over a group of people and can convert them as his/her loyal followers/tribes.

The crux of this blog is “it is not enough how much you know, but to speak of it clearly”. Athenus centre for excellence has designed programs to understand math and science based on the traits mentioned above.

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