The Purpose of PURPOSE


I had a stroll with my friend in the park full of trees. The conversation took many turns and at one point we were discussing about positive attitude. I am not very clear about that word. Does it mean we should be positive on all the tough times? If it is so, how much possibility is there for such thing? My friend answered me that it is possible and described an incident from his life. He works in a reputed firm and he is quite young. The incident happened somewhat 8 years back, while American recession was hitting the world. My friend and his colleague both joined the company by same time and had worked there for same period of time. The Management, one fine day told them that they are going to fire them because of recession. My friend told me that he had a positive attitude and his colleague was succumbed to negative attitude. Let’s explore a bit about that.

Taking the case of my friend, I then asked what he did to exhibit the positiveness. He told me that he carried on with his work, and started learning more about the company, stayed long if he had to finish certain work. The other guy simply left office early and was searching for a job which would provide him a life time security. My friend after some 90 days got news from the management that he is being retained and his colleague was laid off. When he enquired the reason, the management told that they were impressed by the integrity and sincerity of my friend which was missing in his colleague. My friend termed this incident and told this is positive attitude. I asked him, were you serene when the news came from management that they are going to fire you? He said no, and that would be the sensible answer too. I asked throughout that 90 days whatever you did, do you remember at least 25% to 30% of it? He said he had to think about it. I asked him whether he was feeling happy when the management told him that they would retain him. He answered in affirmative. I again asked him, if that feeling was happiness or relief? He said that he didn’t know, but he was relieved definitely to hear that. I questioned him how come it can be named as positive attitude, when you were highly insecure, when you were in fear of uncertainty and when you had a little clarity in thoughts? Then my friend asked me what was he doing then? I replied that he was reacting to a situation in a certain manner, which was by design or default defines his personality. He was in active mode, so that he was doing something all the time. His colleague reacted in a different manner, which is he went to in-active mode.

Then the logical question would be why my friend has reacted by acting and his colleague responded differently to the situation by remaining in-active? This is the difference between the person who is thriving hard to find a purpose for his being and the person who does not yet have that kind of urge. There is lot of things that has been said about the word purpose. The basic question of the human logically must be why I am here? So humans always are confronted with this question at some point of life or other. The persons who are always in active mode, doing something are the persons who are trying hard to find the answer for that question. There are other people who choose not to act and let the moment pass by are people who are not yet confronted by this question. I personally feel that finding your purpose of being is not that simple. Statistically most of the people if not all of them were in active mode at least in my part of the world. They seem to never have confronted with the awkward question of why, or for most people it came very late like in their death beds.

I was reading a book by Po Bronson titled “What Should I do with my life?” Though I am not going to review this book, I want to ask how many readers have ever thought like this. Majority of you will answer in negative. But having a deeper look, if you are active with something all the time and also unhappy the same time, you have been asking this question subconsciously. The people who want to find the purpose of the life are restless, they always do something. That’s a sign. I would ask those people to list out 10 happiest moments in their life first and then list out 10 things they would do at any cost before they die. This simple tool would definitely help you to understand the purpose. Once you know your purpose, Life’s a whole different ball game all together.


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