The identity, Idea and Ideology

The famous Matt Ridley, who is the author of the fascinating book The GENOME, Once said that his Brain is a space which is a conjugal bed for Ideas to have sex and from which new Ideas are born.

Matt ridley

A truly amazing statement it is. Human Being is a social animal. He cannot live in isolation. If one lives in Isolation, he exists and doesn’t live. The Modern school of Psychology which is called as Cognitive studies has shown as that the interactions with the external environment are essential for the evolution of the brain structures.  These brain structures actually control what we think and how we think. This kindled the age ole debate of free will or determinism. Interesting outcome came out of it. If you are interested further in it please refer

The Santiago theory of Cognition.

The main question of Personality is how we present ourselves to the external world. This is almost impossible for us if we don’t understand how we react and act. For such an understanding awareness or paying attention is essential. These are the things we have seen in the past posts of this blog. This is a continuum of those things, questioning why we act or react in a certain manner. The answer to that question is Ideology.

It has been demonstrated that no system, not even the most inhuman, can continue to exist without an ideology.

Joe solvo


Joe Slovo

Ideology is a very powerful and important thing in the concept of personality. The surer of his/her ideology one can present a powerful personality to the world. I have seen people who say that they don’t want to have any ideology or they want to remain free from any ideology. We are sorry to say, but there cannot be such a social life system. However, there is a catch. People, who say we don’t want to have any ideologies, actually have it and they don’t realize it.  Most of the ideologies are fed into them by people around them in power or people for whom they have respect or through the books they read.

Reading is very good and a practice which is equivalent to Meditation. But Like meditation, reading also should be used as a tool to achieve the ultimatum. We meditate to have tranquility. Here meditation is a tool and tranquility is the ultimatum. So if book is a tool, what might be the ultimatum? The ultimatum of reading a book is to train ourselves to think. But unfortunately, most people read books to take on information. Taking in information is a part of our survival mode and hence, we need not have to train our senses. So this rules out the purpose of reading. The quote by Joe Slovo is mentioned here for reason and the reason is, he is a communist.

Communism is a method which taught us how to think categorically. This method put forth by communism is called Dialectic method. When we read a book, if we take whatever the author says in that book, then there is no thinking happening. We are just taking the concepts and Ideology put forth in that book by the author. The Ideology is being fed to us by the author. Thinking happens when we read that book, and understand what the author has to say and consider it as THESIS. We then go and search for the diagonally opposite view presented in the book we read and take that information and consider it as ANTI-THESIS. This fight between thesis and anti-thesis will give birth to THINKING.

It should be noted that we have only mentioned THINKING here and we are yet to explore how to form an Ideology. As said above we have to develop our thinking on various subjects and the individual thinking on each topic can be called as HYPOTHESIS. Then when this Hypothesis is correlated and formed as a thought process, it becomes a single whole understanding, which is called as SYNTHESIS. The essence of the so-called Synthesis is known as Ideology.

We have to understand the process and develop our own ideologies; else we will be fed by the ideologies of others. This Ideology we form depends on so many things, both external and internal. This formation of Ideology is the most important middle path of having Individuality and being social.

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