The Middle Path

Words are always liberally used. One should pay attention; One should have responsibility are some of the common clichéd dialog people often utter. This New Year many people would have taken the same old resolution that many do but seldom keep and follow. The motto of this year is to get fit and stay focused; many of us would have this in mind. Some might even have taken membership at local gym. If that is the case we are very happy for you and wish you good luck to achieve the goal you intend.

What must be taken into consideration is that our resolution should not be those words that are liberally used and often forgotten. Exercising is good in many ways. It keeps all the chemicals balanced in our body and makes us rejenuate ourselves. The regular schedule in the gym might be weight training for a day, cardio for another, Upper torso for the third and Legs for the four and fifth day is round robin training and sixth day would be mixture of cardio and weight and seventh day would be a rest. If you see you are training one part all the day, and that part is called CORE. This part gets trained every day because it is the connection point of upper torso and lower body. So if you train your upper torso, it is impossible that your core is not worked up. The same with lower body and legs, if you work them out you sure are working core too.


The connection is so important; one of the greatest martial artists in the history Bruce lee worked it out like crazy. For him if one trains the CORE he is very hard to beat by any other martial artist. His famous ONE INCH PUNCH came from the strength of the CORE. Yoga is a practice which focuses on CORE than anything else, and same with martial art training. If you are familiar with martial art practice like KALARI and SILAMBAM, you would sure know how much importance they put on CORE Training.

This is about our physical form and its transformation. What about our Psychic form and its transformation? I think most of us would agree by the statement that we go through two experiences all the time. The self-experience where we experience more about our own needs, priorities and desires are the first type experience. The second one is we placing ourselves in a world where we have to hear, see and speak with other people. Now if we consider the Self world as upper torso, and the you world or the outer world is the lower body, what would be the CORE that connects those both things?

The CORE for those two things is paying attention. Being observant is the only way that the both the two worlds can be perceived in a sane way. The more we train the CORE we can have a better and quality Psychic transformation.

This is the Middle path that Buddha preached. This is the ADVAITHA (NOT TWO) taught by Shankaracharya, and this is the Entanglement of Quantum Mechanics.

BuddhaAdi shankaraentaglement

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