Art or Science?

We humans love to differentiate. We say some are introvert, and some others are extroverts. We have our choices and we fight over them. One such great fight is Right Brainers vs. Left Brainers. People who are not good with math or science concepts think that they are right brainers. And there is a perception that people who are right brainers are creators, artists and experiencers, while left brainers are all about Logic, System, Symmetry and Exploration. How true are these things? Let’s explore (oh, am I a left brainer??!!!!)

R.B Vs. L.B

What do we understand from the above diagram? It is simple to say that right brainers are Artists and Left Brainers are scientists. The wiring between the neurons enables us to develop a certain pattern. The fact is we CREATE these connections, ourselves.

Yes, WE; propelled by our most deep emotion that drives us; forms our thinking pattern. So WE practice our entire life to be a right brainer or a lefty. The thinking pattern is established due to the connection of neurons which is more than all stars in the whole universe. The cause for those patterns is the basic emotion that is the most basic, primitive us. Let’s get to that in a different post. This post is trying to analyze why it is always Art vs. Science; rather than Arts and Science.

So as we said Arts have a different pattern of thinking and Science has another pattern. Let’s discuss these patterns first, so as we can have a general idea of thinking. Thinking means not just knowing stuffs, data. Rather it is the starting point and we work on it. That working on the data part is called thinking. It is generally known that we can do it in two ways. We can take all the data and correlate and we can compile. This mode of thinking is used in Science as most of the data available. The other way is you do stuff and be aware of what you are doing then dissect it and understand it. This is basically done in the arts. So people who have chosen to follow the first pattern are called left brainers and the people who practiced second pattern fall under the right brainers.

The words usually are very useful but can be decisive on certain instances. The word Beautiful is always associated with Arts and Invention is associated with Science. Let’s see two people


paul Dirac

Paul Dirac

He is the man who produced the most BEAUTIFUL EQUATION on ENTANGLEMENT.



He is the man who gave us the BEAUTIFUL theory of Relativity.


Coming to Invention, we also have two personalities:


Bruce Lee

He is the man who INVENTED a new fighting style




Have you heard of a painting method called Cubism? He INVENTED it.

So how come Scientist used to think and express beautifully and Artists can invent something. The magic is the unification. People who are aware of their thinking pattern go to the other pattern and experience and at that moment GENIUS is born. It can be better represented by the picture below.

Psychology art and science

In order the above picture to happen one must know his thinking pattern. To know one’s thinking pattern, one should be aware of his basic emotion that drives him. Reach us to know what it is.

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