Strategy – Michael Porter

What is Strategy?

You’ve probably got bored of this question but this is something inevitable in business context. Be it a multi billion bank or a roadside pan shop tehy all have some strategy to keep their business afloat and ofcourse in success.To be in different in the market place each company has its own ways to device their own strategy. So which one and how you should derive your strategy.

5 Competitive forces for Strategy

Michael E Porter, A harvard business school professor writes a great deal about strategy and competitiveness for more than three decades now. He is one business fellow who gets the point. He says that strategy is to improve the productivity continuosly to reach the profitability margins.

That hits the bulls eye. A strategy should improve your production. You cant be producing the same amount of goods as you manufactured last year, if so your marketing team is suffeing so much. And why do you want to increase productivity. Obviously to improve your sales and your bottom line. According to Michael Porter, […]