Students and Entrepreneurship

I often get a chance to meet students of different discipline as I am a soft skills trainer. I meet them to give a keynote speech about their career perspectives and about the opportunities they have in this great emerging country.  I happen to meet all types of students who do B.A. History to a student who do MBA in International trade and Finance. But I see a strange coincidence in all of the students regardless of what they study. When faced with the question of what next? They actually come to a standstill. Even the management students, who study a whole lot of things about planning, are not able to come up with a clear idea what they want from their career or professional life. What they care utmost is to clear the examination with good grades. They have this mission in their mind. So they study hard instead of what should happen there in a college or university. They should LEARN in a college or University rather than studying. There are a lot of differences between studying and learning. […]