Creativity – What is it? How to develop it?

What is Creativity? The word creativity is often used, but how much of it is understood? In this blog post I shall try to explore creativity generally then psychologically and then neurologically. The concept of creativity is ideally thought along the line of arts, and especially in the fine arts. But that might not necessarily[…]

Students and Entrepreneurship

The current mindset: I often get a chance to meet students of different discipline as I am a soft skills trainer. I meet them to give a keynote speech about their career perspectives and about the opportunities they have in this great emerging country.  I happen to meet all types of students who do B.A.[…]

The lost art of Oracy and the importance of it

The 21st century learning Challenge: The Students of the 21st century have to develop some of the important skills if they have to survive and thrive in the market economy and the society as in. They are the future leaders and so they have to have multiple source of learning. The key point is all are[…]

The Purpose of PURPOSE

  I had a stroll with my friend in the park full of trees. The conversation took many turns and at one point we were discussing about positive attitude. I am not very clear about that word. Does it mean we should be positive on all the tough times? If it is so, how much[…]