The identity, Idea and Ideology

The famous Matt Ridley, who is the author of the fascinating book The GENOME, Once said that his Brain is a space which is a conjugal bed for Ideas to have sex and from which new Ideas are born. A truly amazing statement it is. Human Being is a social animal. He cannot live in[…]

Identity and Personality

One of the most Intriguing and disturbing Novella, I have ever read is METAMORPHOSIS by Francis Kafka. In that novel a salesman, goes to bed and on waking up the next morning finds him transformed into a giant Insect. He is horrified and terrified and the novella then captures all the essence of everything that[…]

The Middle Path

Words are always liberally used. One should pay attention; One should have responsibility are some of the common clich├ęd dialog people often utter. This New Year many people would have taken the same old resolution that many do but seldom keep and follow. The motto of this year is to get fit and stay focused;[…]