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In Modern School Education, a process of dialogue is very important. Comprehensive courses for teachers to enhance that process. Courses offered for students based on critical thinking and creativity

Higher Education

Customized and on the shelf courses for Arts and Science, Professional and Business Schools. The courses are duly aligned with changing times and prospects


Exclusive Content to boost the five layers of Corporate distinguished based on the theory of Abraham Maslow.

Personality Profiling

The first step for any personal development plan to know where we are now. The exact positioning of your personality can be shown to you. Come, take this test


One Stop Solution for your HR needs
Founded in 2010 we cater to HR needs from the age of 12 to 60

Athenus concentrates on the two pillars of the Indian economy, i.e., Academics and Corporate. Athenus has a keen interest in quality, thus the whole team would be striving to achieve nothing less than excellence. Having an experience working closely with major industries like Finance, Manufacturing and Services the team has a distinctive edge of offering the common wisdom in a contemporary style. We believe training & Couching is much needed in these modern times, where employers are looking for employable employees. A thoroughly researched methods and modules are developed by Athenus to meet every challenge that a student or a professional would face.


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